Use of the iLink Platform

iLink is a web platform that is utilized by various student groups and volunteer groups in order to serve international students. iLink does not represent those groups. Student groups or volunteer groups may utilize iLink as a tool to serve international students only by committing to abide by the following rules:
  1. iLink volunteers must abide by all campus rules and campus administrative processes.
  2. Volunteers must honor, respect, and submit to campus administrators.
  3. Volunteers must not hang flyers on any areas where flyers are not permitted.
  4. No bait and switch. This means that any activities or events will be exactly as they are advertised.
  5. You will not register iLink as a campus club. iLink is a tool that is utilized by many different volunteer groups or campus groups. If you seek to register a club on campus please do so under the name of your volunteer group, student group or campus ministry.
  6. iLink is not intended in anyway to hide the identity of your group. Please make your group identity clear on all of your interactions.
Note: There can only be one iLink administrator on each campus. If your volunteer group or campus ministry would like to serve international students and utilize the iLink platform, please connect with the administrator on your campus. If you do not follow all of these rules consistently then your use of the iLink platform will be revoked. If you are interested in using the iLink platform please feel free to contact us.
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